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The Gujarati Samaj of NSW is a thriving non-profit organisation at the forefront of preserving and promoting Gujarati culture in New South Wales, Australia. With a large number of dedicated members and volunteers, we are committed to achieving our mission of preserving and celebrating Gujarati heritage through a diverse range of cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

Our organisation proudly organises vibrant festivals like Uttarayan, Kallol, Garba, Diwali, and Dramas, providing our members and the community with an opportunity to experience the richness and beauty of Gujarati culture. These events are a source of entertainment and serve as a platform for cultural exchange and community building.


Join us at the Gujarati Samaj of NSW and be a part of our journey in preserving, promoting, and celebrating Gujarati culture in Australia. Together, we can continue to enrich our members' lives and contribute to our society's multicultural fabric.

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Preserving the Rich Heritage of Gujarati Culture: Tales, Customs, and More
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